Ashley's Website

What am I learning?

This year I am learning flash. Flash is a a computer software that uses Adobe Software to
to create animations and different programs. It has a lot of drawing in graphics and your own
buttons and backgrounds, which I enjoy lots. I love drawing and being creative when it comes to

What are my Goals

Since I am a senior this year, I am actually doing both GITA 3 and AP GITA. I will be graduating
this year and planning to go off to college. My goal is to major in computer science and get more
involved in the amazing topic. There is so much to computer science and there will always be more
to learn, and I can't wait to continue my aspiration throughout high school and college.

My Flash Projects

Brea Olinda High School
789 Wildcat Way, Brea, CA 92821
GITA 1 Homepage

GITA 2 Homepage