Welcome to my GITA page. I want to talk about my experience and goals i've created and gone through in GITA. I have learned C# and javascript so far in my two years. C#'s program is based on this program called Visual Basics and for javascript i use the program notepad ++. I really love everything about computer programming and my goal is to major in comp sci in college. I would love to continue to learn about different programs and create awesome innovative websites and programs that are creative and useful for all. To see my projects you can look here Projects.

My current and biggest aspiration is to go to college and major in computer science I would love to continue my love for programming. When I grow up I would like to control a big corporations websites and background information. I want to be able to code more than just websites. I would love to continue learning more and more each day. I only spend 55 minutes a day in my GITA class, but my goal is for it to become and everyday hobby. I love to code and i would be killing two birds with one stone: coding and getting paid. To get paid for something I truly enjoy to do sounds amazing.